BLE Wifi Provisioning App

Is there an example BLE app sdk to onboard an Argon to the Wifi Network without using the Particle app? This seems like such a basic question but I can’t seem to find an answer. For a commercial app, I cannot use the Particle app directly for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately there is no equivalent of the Photon/P1 Device Setup SDK for the Argon at this time, and as such it will be difficult to set up Wi-Fi for an Argon used in a product where you want a white-label setup experience.

The Android and iOS Particle apps are open source, but not exactly easy to adapt for use in custom mobile apps. There is no schedule for releasing an Argon setup library at this time.

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Thanks for the update @rickkas7 . I picked up this Argon at release a year or more ago and shelved it because of this lack of functionality back then. I am very confused how anyone actually uses this outside of little home projects without some way to get this online without using the particle app. Without a provisioning process, I can’t leverage the amazing Particle platform. Hopefully one day it can get prioritized so I can migrate from my ESP32 Arduino world which has this readily available.


I haven’t tested it, but if you search old threads @cbrake has created a web UI utilizing Web BLE that may help with this.

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