iOS Particle App WiFi Requirements

What are the minimum free memory requirements for adding WiFi credentials via the the Particle iOS app? We’ve added some custom logic into our application that will allow an end user to put the device into listening mode in order to add one or more sets of WiFi credentials. This works fine via the CLI, however when using the iOS app we get the extremely unhelpful error that:

Setup process couldn’t configure the Wi-Fi credentials for your Particle device, please try running setup again after resetting your Particle device and putting it back in blinking blue listening mode if needed.

As this message doesn’t provide any technical details on what actually went wrong I’m really unsure how to proceed resolving this issue.

perhaps you can test your code by manually executing (using curl) what the iOS app is supposed to do?

This note always helps me:


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Was able to do some digging into the app and found the following logs (debugging a different issue but still having the same app issues)

15:00:25: (ParticleCloud Info) Access Token: nil
15:00:25: (Particle.AppDelegate Info) Device: iPhone12,1
15:00:25: (Particle.AppDelegate Info) App Version: v3.3.0b2
15:00:25: (Particle.AppDelegate Info) iOS Version: 14.6
15:00:26: (ParticleCloud Info) Access Token: nil
15:00:32: (Particle.DeviceListViewController Info) Photon setup started
15:01:27: (Particle.DeviceListViewController Info) Photon setup cancelled or failed.

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