Setup Photon behind Web Form Login

I’m currently traveling and brought along my new photon to mess around with in the evenings. However, the hotel I’m staying in has a web based login page that is required to connect to the internet. How do I go about setting up the photon in such a situation? Also, they reset the passwords every month so I would need to be able to do this twice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Josh,

I had exactly this issue and it is not currently possible to log in to this type of network with any of the Spark devices. If you have a smart phone that you can log in with and share the connection this should work.

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That’s a good idea. How much data goes through during the programming process? If it’s on the order of MB then this will work as a great solution while on the road.

Hi there,

For a Photon I believe the download is quite small as it generally only updates the user code. Sorry I am not sure of the actual amount of data associated with each flash of the system.

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