WiFi Browser Sign-In & Security

I’m trying to use my Particle Photon for a school project, and one of the main things I need it to do is connect to the schools WiFi, which requires you to open a browser and sign in using a username and password in order to connect to the internet. Is there any way to do that with a Photon, or am I out of luck?

Also, my school district is very cautious of data breaches and they are scared that the Photon will be a vulnerable weakpoint in their firewall, especially if there are many of them all connected to the same network. Is there anything I can do/say in order to ease their fears?

This is called a captive portal and these are not supported by the Photon.

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Is there any Particle product that is able connect to a captive portal or am I out of luck?

Nope, none of the Particle devices can connect to a captive portal.
I had luck with MAC spoofing tho’ - I used a rooted mobile phone taking on the MAC of the Photon, connect to the captive portal and then let the Photon take over that connection.
But I guess this is no viable root for you :wink:

Alternatively you can have the MACs of your Photons white listed on your network to bypass the captive portal as trusted members.

If none of these ways is open for you, you will either need to consider using a mobile hotspot or go with cellular devices (e.g. Electron or Boron).

This is all super interesting information. I’ll try to contact my school district and convince them to try one of these solutions. Is there anything I can say to ease their fears about data breaches and potential “hackers”?

@BrainBomber100, here is a good start:

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