Is connecting to a captive portal possible?

I really need to connect to this captive portal, but i cant manage to do it, i searched trough this forum but similar request, but they go back to 2013 to 2019, i hope someone managed to do it in the years since.

i cant bypass the portal trough a wifi hotspot because the whole point of my project is to connect to the portal in my name with the device.

I tried just sending a request to the portal with my data, but it need a session id, given when you load the page ( i think ), i tried calling the page but it is trying to redirect me, and the board cant handle it, i don't know if the redirect is necessary to get the session id, and when i look at where it is trying to redirect me, the links are weird almost empty pages.

The name of the captive portal is Alcasar, and ChatGpt is running in circles, so any help is appreciated.

It is not possible to connect to a network with a captive portal.

The Particle device will generally not be able to display or handle the authentication web page, but because the authentication is generally tied to the Wi-Fi MAC address of the device, you can't just authenticate from a different device.