Photon joining WIFI with feedback required

Hi there

So new to the Particle scene, I have done some Arduino in the past but that’s about it.

I have managed to get the Photon connect to WIFI etc but at work, my WIFI requires a Phone number, then a auth code to get on to it. I am guessing even if I got it to enter my number as part of a program (curl or something), that there would be no way to get this on the WIFI as it would need the Auth code entered.

That sounds like a captive portal which are not supported (yet).

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Thank you, its O2 Wifi I am trying to join which requires your phone number, text’s you a code which you then enter.

Is that a captive portal?

Yup, that’s captive and hence won’t be supported - I’ve no idea if and when this will be supported, but getting on to these is not trivial with such devices.

Thank you for helping me clear that up.

Is it possible for the particle to just try to connect (its open wifi) then turn off for 10 minutes (System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP,60);), and repeat. Or will never stop trying to connect

There are several threads for that topic

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