Connecting Photon to a local WiFi network without Internet connection


I am trying to connect my Photon to a local WiFi hotspot I created on my Android phone. After configuring the network on my Photon, it starts rapidly flashing cyan. My phone does not have a SIM card, so there is no data connection. How can I get the Photon to not try to connect to the cloud?


You can control attempts to contact the Particle Cloud using systems modes.


Thanks, Luke! I tried the semi-automatic and manual modes and found that calling Spark.connect() attempts to connect to Particle cloud. Not calling Spark.connect() result into the Photon not connecting to the WiFi network at all. Any ideas? Thanks!

Instead of Spark.connect(), I called WiFi.connect() inside setup() and that does exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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Use semi-automatic and WiFi.connect()

More info here

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