WiFi but no internet

Hi Everyone, can you recommend an approach to solving a connectivity problem?

I have a data acquisition system that uses several Photons to collect data, timestamp it and send it via the TCPClient:: to a WiFi connected server for analysis. The system works great if there is reliable internet connectivity.

My problem is: I need to use the system in an environment where there is good WiFi, but the WiFi network is firewall from the internet.

Is there a way, maybe using SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC);
and Particle.connect(); to connect to the WiFi network and to use the TCPClient:: even while the photon firmware cannot connect to cloud services?

Sure, I wouldn't know why not. Had you done a quick forum search, then you would've noticed there a quite a few topics on this already. Using the methods you suggested, along with some of the other ones available, like Particle.wifi(), should give you full control over the connection.
Why not try it, and report back if you run into issues?

@Moors7, I’m such a noob. I can’t even find CloudClass::WiFi (or any other case insensitive variants) in the v0.4.7 source code. Care to share your source code?

How about the documentation instead…?

WiFi is not a method of CloudClass but has its own class.

And if you want cloud-less, you won’t call Particle.connect() but only WiFi.connect()

But a forum and/or docs search for WiFi (possibly with additional search terms) might have rendered a lot of info already present info
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