Connecting Photon to Computer with Wifi


I would like to connect a photon directly to another computer over a wifi signal. I do not want to go through any cloud service, but directly connect a Photon to a computer over a wifi signal.

Can you please provide some good information or links that I should look at to achieve this? I am finding a lot of help for connecting it through the Particle cloud service. I have been able to do this successfully. I would just like some help determining what information I should look at to bypass the cloud service but still use the wifi to connect to a Photon.

With SoftAP your computer can connect to the Photon which acts as access point.
And with the TCPServer/TCPClient/UDP objects (also featured in the docs) you can join your home WiFi and talk via that without the need for the Particle cloud.
You may also want to look at SYSTEM_MODE() in the docs.

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