How to make the Photon Auto Connect to Open Wifi Networks

I currently am programming my Photon with the Particle Cloud on my home network but I like to go to my public library and my local coffee shop but it is annoying to connect and sometimes I use a mobile device with a bluetooth keyboard so I can’t run a local server and even if I could I wouldn’t want to because it would drain the mobile device’s battery. How do I make the Photon auto connect to open Wifi networks?

@rpiswag, if the “open” wifi network requires that you first visit a webpage to agree to the connection terms then the Photon will not be able to do this, at least not at this time. If the wifi only requires the wifi credentials (password) then you just need to put your Photon in listening mode and configure the credentials via the iOS or Android phone app. However, I suspect the library is not configured this way. :smile:

The types of open wifi networks I am talking about is the ones without captive portals.

At my public library’s wifi network there is no captive portal. I was shocked by that and I even told the people who work there and they said it was more convenient for people who where less tech savvy and it made it faster for people to connect.

Not sure about your embedded background but take a look here:

We can modify the wlan_scan_callback() to take in the security type (need to check) and save it to a list before trying to connect.

The simpler way is to really just program the wifi credentials manually :wink:

I want the photon to connect to any open wifi network available not just my public library’s wifi network. I know there will be open wifi networks with portals but if there is a portal I want the Photon to try and connect to it and see if there is a portal and if there is one I want the Photon to ignore it.

@rpiswag, the Photon is an embedded device and connect do everything.

What you want is doable but you will have to work your way towards coding it :wink:

Well I don’t really need that last feature about ignoring captivate portals I just need the Photon to connect to open wifi networks near by that don’t have captive portals.

@peekay123 Has there been any further discussion of allowing the Photon to connect to open WiFi networks? The context here is trade show venues where prototypes could connect to WiFi but where there is no WEP/WPA given out.

You can connect to open networks but you can’t get past captive portals, since you can’t tick the check box or enter anything which you’d do when connecting your phone or tablet to that network.

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