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Hello All,

I bought photon and so excited and tried to set it up many times (using iPhone, Mac and Windows) no luck at all. I read online and get no where.


You can claim a photon using particle-cli:

# Put photon into listening mode
particle serial identify # Obtain deviceID
particle serial wifi # Connect photon to wifi
particle device add your_deviceID # Claim photon

When I type particle serial identify it shows me :
particle serial identify - Ask for and display device ID via serial

where is the serial? I opened serial in Particle IDE but there was nothing.

Thank you again

Try just

particle identify

Apparently I made it work home (I claimed it) but now when I am at school I can not connect it to wifi . So I reset it again and tried and still it does not connect to wifi. What should I do to connect it? btw it blinks white and green (sometimes). Do I need to reset it again?

When you say at school, I’d suspect your school network will have a landing page (captive portal) which cannot be used for Particle WiFi devices.
Try using a non-capitve WiFi like a mobile hotspot.

What do you mean by that

Don’t ever unclaim your device, and your Photon can store up to 5 sets of WiFi credentials, so there should be no need to reset anything.

I did reset it :sweat_smile: tho. What should I do to fix and connect it? It blinked green, white then red.

Thank you

As I said, get a non-captive WiFi network, add the credentials, get the device breathing cyan again and then reclaim it.

That’s what I am doing as soon as I get home. Thanks again and sorry for annoying questions.
I am going to buy USB wireless and have it wifi hotspot. After I reclaim it and have hotspot, where and how to connect it to wifi (other wifi s) without reset?

You just put the device into Listening Mode (blinking blue) by powering it up and then press and hold the SETUP button for 3+ sec till it blinks blue.
Then you can go mulitple ways, but I’d use this

particle serial wifi

Just enter your additional credentials and the device will store up to five of these.

If you want to wipe all previously stored creds, you can press/hold SETUP for 10+ sec till you see a rapid blue flashing.

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You can you use

particle serial wifi

When in listening mode to connect a photon to wifi.

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Thanks !