I unclaimed the device and now I cannot claim it back - please advise

Hello! I (as it appears, mistakenly) unclaimed a Photon Wifi device and now trying to claim it back - is there an easy way to do it?
I also flushed the Wifi settings. Now it is flashing white.
Thank you!

First, what device? WiFi or Cellular?
Then, have you tried to claim it just the same way as you had done the first time?
If so, what didn’t work?

The more info you provide, the better we can advise.

Having said taht, you can also use CLI or Web IDE to claim a device as long it is already breathing cyan (or magenta).

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Will try CLI, thank you! Also, modified the question as it was unclear.

Particle Device Doctor prompts “Resetting server and device keys” - should I do it? Says something about “may permanently prevent it from connecting to the Particle Cloud”

It should not be required unless you see some orange/red flashes during the rapid cyan blinking phase.

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