Cannot reclaim particle photon


I have unclaimed a particle photon and I am trying to reclaim the device again but I am getting following error. I have attached a snapshot for that one

If the device is still connected to wifi you can use particle device add [ID] to reclaim the device.
That said, the error above should probably be looked into further, which I’ll pass on.

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It is not connected to WIfi. It is giving continuous fast cyan flashes with some green blink.

I had this same problem did you remove all wifi credentials from the Device? If not. What you need to do is first remove the all wifi setting. Then run particle serial wifi form the terminal. After that follow the steps.

to remove all wifi setting check this

I opened an issue on GitHub to track this problem.

I am using particle photon. I am getting weird error which is not letting me to connect my photon to wifi.
I am getting continuous fast cyan flashes with some green blink. I did not get any proper update in community over this issue. Please suggest how should I connect my photon to wifi.

Even Particle flash --usb tinker is not able to put device in breathing cyan mode. Please suggest as this has become a serious issue as I have already spent lot of time on this issue.

You can find following link to find out the issue on photon

Hey there,

What that indicates is that the device is able to join your Wi-Fi network (flashing green) but isn’t able to connect to the Particle Cloud.

Have you already tried updating the Photon to the most recent version of firmware? You can do this using the following command with the CLI, and the Photon in DFU mode (flashing yellow):

particle update

I have done this as well. Have gone into DFU mode, updated firmware. But, still this problem persists.

Hm. It might be, then, that the device is able to connect to your Wi-Fi network but not to the Particle Cloud because the particular port that it’s trying to connect through is blocked.

Have you been able to successfully connect your device on the same network before?

Yes I have been able to successful connect my device on the network before. IS there any way to release and refresh ports OR use other port for connection to cloud ?

No, you can’t change the port.
And there are different possible reasons for a port not to be open.
One could be your own routers firewall and another your ISP’s firewall.
Another reason might be a blocked host addess or if you try to hook onto a captive portal, which are not supported by the Photon.

How about another WiFi network? Could you try the same device with something like your phone as AP?
(Just to see if it’s an issue with the network or your device).

I tried with other wifi networks, but still the problem remians

Hm that is very odd. The device is able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, so I don’t think there’s any issue with the hardware. It isn’t making it to the rapid cyan LED flash portion, which is the handshake with the Cloud, so we can be confident it’s not an issue with the keys on your device.

Would you be willing to take a longer video of the entire startup sequence? Otherwise, you can contact us via for additional technical troubleshooting.

I am having the same exact issue and with the same results.
Mine started when I had to change passwords on my Wifi routers. While trying to get them back online, I “unclaimed” the devices. Now I can’t seem to recover.
Besides up date the photons, is there anything else that I can do. Is there an undo for unclaiming the devices?

Have you tried running Particle doctor on the CLI? That should set it back to (almost) factory settings.

FYI, unclaiming never helps solve issues, ever. It merely ‘releases’ the device from your account on the cloud side, but has nothing to do with how your devices functions. If anything, it complicates things, and should only be done when you no longer want the devices to be associated with your account.


Thank you