Xenon stuck at "Pairing"

I bought the Mesh Wi-Fi Bundle. Set up the Argon and one Xenon with no issue. The other Xenon included is was is giving me trouble. I am using a Samsung S9 on Android 8.0.0. After taking the picture of the sticker it will say “Pairing with your Xenon”. I have given it at most 30 minutes and still no change. The phone is set to not turn off display and I don’t go to other apps during this time. The Particle app has all the needed permissions of my device. 2 out of 3 of my pairing have been successful.

I have done the following: (after each line I try again)
Restarted my phone.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Particle App
Restarted again.

DFU flashed to rc.26
Uninstalled and reinstalled Particle App
Restarted again.

DFU flashed to rc.25
Uninstalled and reinstalled Particle App
Restarted again.

Now i’m back to rc.26.

Let me know if you want any extra info.


I am also having this same issue on a newly received Xenon - also from a wifi bundle. The only difference to my setup is the device i’m using to set it up:

Phone: Google Pixel 2
Android Version: 9
Patch Level: December 5, 2018
Build: PQ1A.18205.002

Mesh Device: Xenon
Mesh Firmware: 0.8.0-rc.26

Edit 1: After more investigation it is the same with the second device in the WiFi bundle.

Hey @ddres0605. I apologize for the delay on getting back to you. There is a bit of backlog with support at the moment. I want to assure you we are looking into your issue.

I want to look at a few more things on our end before getting back to you.

@stevejost Could you please submit a support ticket if you have not already? If you could, please provide pictures of the data matrix + serial number of each device having the issue?

Yes - I’ll file a support case shortly.

@mstanley If y’all need help debugging stuff I got linux and windows machines, two different android phones and two difference iOS devices. I’d be glad to jump on a call or try some experimental stuff out.

Hey @ddres0605 thank you for the offer! Perhaps I will take you up on that in the future. :smile:

In regards to your support request, your Xenon was a particularly unique one.I’d like to look into that one further. I believe you should have received some additional instructions via email. Do let me know if you did not receive it!

The good people at particle have solved my problem If you have a similar problem sent them a support ticket. They generated a new sticker code for me that worked.

Glad to see we were able to help you resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience! Let us know if there’s anything else in the future we can help with.

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