Xenon flashing green rapidly after updating to 1.4.4 and never gets to the cloud


I realize that the title “Xenon flashing green” is found more than once but none of what is mentioned works consistently.

Today, I received from Particle 3 Xenons. They had an older firmware (1.21) so I updated all of them using OTA.to 1.4.4

Two units worked fine after the upgrade. The third never completed the upgrade. I then tried to delete and rejoin the mesh network (with an Argon), everything works. When the power is reset, it returns to fleshing green.

I then used particle update. That did work and I upgraded firmware to 1.4.4 and unit was breathing cyan.

I then recycled power and it is back flashing green for ever! I cannot place the unit in safe mode (starts flashing magenta then returns to flashing green upon mode release).

I know the Gateway is working (because when powering more Xenon units, they all connect).

Do I have a defective unit?



I unplugged the Xenon for about 10 minutes. When powered again, it hooked up to the cloud (via the Argon). I then re-flashed the same code and now it seems to be working.

Not sure why though?


Because the first OTA attempt failed, were you left with the ‘marking setup done’ incorrectly??
Have a read of the following re updates via USB


Please bear in mind that I am very much a novice but had some similar issues myself before I tried the above. Something to work on at least.



Thank you @paulWatty. Will try it.