Xenon updated SOS flashes red 10 times

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Note: Particle support is helping me with this and similar Argon issue

Make sure the xenon is up to date before doing same for Argon and creating the mesh

Reset the Xenon (Hold down MODE button and RESET when it flashes white release. goes back to listening blue)
Put Xenon in DFU mode ((Hold down MODE button and RESET when it flashes yellow release. stays flashing yellow)
In a terminal window:

iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle update

Your device is ready for a system update.
This process should take about 30 seconds. Here it goes!

! System firmware update successfully completed!

Your device should now restart automatically.

iMac-2032:~ joe$

Xenon Flashing Blue
Put Xenon back in DFU mode and then in a terminal:

iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --usb /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-system-part1@1.2.1.bin

Flash success!
iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --usb /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-tinker@1.2.1.bin

Flash success!

iMac-2032:~ joe$

SOS - 10 Flashes



I would suggest you download xenon-bootloader@1.2.1.

Repeat steps above from Xenon flashing blue, put in dfu mode, flash system part1, then put in serial mode (flashing blue) and flash --serial xenon-bootloader@1.2.1.bin then back in dfu mode and flash --usb xenon-tinker.

Alternatively, after the Particle update when flashing blue why not claim it and get it to connect to the cloud. Then flash it?


Because that causes additional problems. Trying to get the Xenon stabilized, then the Argon then connect the two.


iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --usb /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-system-part1@1.2.1.bin

Flash success!

iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --usb /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-bootloader@1.2.1.bin

Error writing firmware: unknown module function 2, use --force to override

iMac-2032:~ joe$


You missed the --serial!

iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --usb /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-system-part1@1.2.1.bin 

Flash success!

iMac-2032:~ joe$ particle flash --serial /Users/joe/Downloads/xenon-bootloader@1.2.1.bin 

! PROTIP: Hold the SETUP button on your device until it blinks blue!

? **Press** **ENTER** **when your device is blinking** **BLUE**  

Error writing firmware: No serial port identified

iMac-2032:~ joe$

I cannot get it to flash blue

Also, why is it serial and not USB when it is connected to the usb and usb works for the system?

Just curious


OK just to keep you up to date, I finally got my Argon to connect and be recognised by Particle.

NOW the problem goes back to even though I do a particle update on my xenon…

It will not connect to the mesh network becuase the phone application fails after selecting the mesh network to join.

I scan the argon to identify the helper unit and it just fails.


Was the Argon also blinking blue at that time?


No breathing light blue


To be complete Xenon Blinking blue
Argon blinking light blue and shows up in the console


In order to have the “new” device and the “assisting” device interact both need to be blinking blue (same colour - not cyan) and AFAICT that is also stated in the in-app instructions that way.


So how do I take the existing working device that is breathing cyan to Blinking Blue?

That would then help AFAICT.


Not being an ass, just frustrated. Sorry.


Just press and hold the MODE/SETUP button for 3+ seconds



Made the Argon blink blue, now when trying to bring the Xenon into the network it does not find the mesh network of the Argon like it did when it blinked cyan.


OK both flashing blue (the argon and xenon)
Try to set up the xenon
get to select mesh network

when I did same operation with Argon breathing cyan it found the mesh network and wanted to pair with a source device (the Argon)