Wifi network with username and password

I hadn’t anticipated this, my college has super secure wifi. I have two choices: a network that requires both a username and password (which I have), or one that is an open network, but requires you to open a browser and then put in your username and password, and that one logs you off frequently.

Is there a way to provide a username and password using the tinker app? I’d like to avoid anything technical unless necessary.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid the CC3000 isn’t capable of navigating those pages. It’s mentioned in the troubleshooting section of the documentation, which can be found here: http://docs.spark.io/troubleshooting/ Some alternatives include, but are not limited to:
-Asking your IT guys to create a separate network.
-Plugging in an old router, and using that for connecting.
Perhaps the easiest for a short time solution:
-Set up a mobile hotspot (most mobile phones are cabable of that, as are some laptops/computers).

Good luck!

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You point to the CC3000 on the Core. Is this possible with the chip on the Photon? And if yes will it be supported?

I think it’s kind of essential, most large organisations work with this type of security system.

Enterprise WPA support is a feature we’re considering and it’s on our roadmap for the photon. Some standards (EAP-TLS) are starting to be supported by the chip used by the photon, but we’re still waiting on PEAP support.


Thanks. Any idea how when that will be supported. Is that something for this year or in a future more far away?

It’s very much out of our hands - whenever Broadcom add the support to their SDK and give us a version we can redistribute.

I believe the SDK 3.3.2 is slated for Q4, although we are still waiting for a version of SDK 3.3.1 with a distributable license.

Has this issue been resolved yet or are we still waiting for Broadcom?

If you refer to the WPA Enterprise side of this thread, then yes the ball is at Broadcom/Cypress, but if you are refering to the Captive Portal side of it, then there won’t be an easy solution from the side of Particle, since these landing sites are not standardized and hence it’ll always be up to the application programmer to cater for that particular site.
The minimum requirement would be native HTTPS support.

Update? I saw recently that I was able to setup my Photon for a variety of different encryption types but none asked for a username.

Captive portals (which require usernames) are still not supported - and I doubt they ever will be.