Any chance of connecting 802.11x?

First, thanks for this great project. Amazing work!

So, I realize it’s clearly documented in the data sheet that the CC3000

Supports all Wi-Fi security modes for personal networks: WEP, WPA, and WPA2 with on-chip security accelerators.

And I know that this this user did not find success for enterprise WPA, inner authentication, etc:

But I’m holding out hope that there might be some way to add an extra layer of inner authentication via a custom firmware module or something. That said, I have not spent any time digging into the source to really understand what level of hardware access is available during the authentication phases … and I’m hoping that someone can stop me or point me in the right direction before I attempt to do what may be (quite literally) the impossible.

Here is the network config we use for linux / Raspberry Pi here @ SAIC.

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


@zachary or @zach Any chance? :smile: If the answer is just “no chance”, I won’t take it personally … while it becomes more of an IT policy challenge, there may be a chance of setting up a separate wifi router or whitelisting macs (although the IT crowd here is not excited about either of those options, which is understandable).

I had the same problem here in our studio but managed to convince IT to setup a separate SSID, using the same routers, to be used only as prototyping network with WPA2. The way we got around the security is that we use our backup line for this so the data is completely separated. Maybe can help in the discussion.

@sjunnesson Yes – that may be what we have to do – thanks for the tip!

I think the official response from TI is that the CC3000 can’t do enterprise wifi security. I think those protocols require a lot of headroom and the microprocessor on the radio doesn’t have the space for them. There is a chance if you wrote your own custom radio firmware and drivers, and you might be able to get the chip to do it, but I don’t think TI is going to be writing that driver.

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Hey @bakercp! Yeah, with the CC3000 the answer is “no chance”.

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