Spark cannot connect to open WiFi network: known issue?


have a couple of old spark cores (quite early batch)

I can connect both to WiFi networks which have security and a passphrase, no problem.

However it seems like the device firmware just will not deal with WiFi networks which are open (no security/no password)
If I put the device into listening mode, I am never prompted for the security type of the wifi network. It just asks for SSID and password.

I want to use a cores in a lab/demo environment where we setup temporary wifi networks which are fully open with no security, for ease of use by all lab participants.

But it looks like I can’t …

Known issue?
Is this a known issue? Any version

In this case you’ll need to aply the CC3000 update.

You’ll find some threads about this when searching for CC3000, CC3K or deep_update.

I’ll post some links when I get time to search, but you might find them quicker yourself :+1:

Edit: Just found it in the docs :wink:

OK …

I had already applied the deep-update but not the cc3000 one
I will try that, to see if it adds the required extra functionality



Nope, that didn’t change anything.

When in listening mode, talking to it over USB, when I hit “w” I am prompted for SSID and password.
Not for security.

there are two versions of cc3000, one called 1-14 or something. Is there a difference between them?

Can you reload tinker using particle flash --usb tinker?

Hi @liamf

I think these Cores are old enough that you need to update the bootloader. There is a special bin file you can flash that updates the bootloader and reboots.

I know that @satishgn wrote something for this so it can be done with a JTAG programmer but I am having trouble finding the exact links after so much time has past.

If you have a JTAG programmer, you could update the bootloader easily.

@bko & @liamf: Is this the reference??? How to put spark core to sleep and wakeup on interrupt signal on a pin?

Hi @bpr

Yes that is the issue and those instructions work if you have a JTAG programmer, but @satishgn also created a binary file for an app that could patch the bootloader over the air, as I recall. That was much easier to use, but if the OP has a JTAG programmer that will work too.

Actually, no.

The CLI does not successfully flash anything at all to my cores.

If I need to flash them, I need to put the core into DFU mode and use dfu-util directly

Ah, thanks.

I think I have a JTAG programmer someplace … will have to look it out.

In the meantime I am working around this two ways
a) I bought 5 protons.
b) I setup some virtual access points on the wireless network (with WPA2 and a passphrase) so that the cores will connect

The perils of being an early Spark adopter, I guess …

Nee :wink:
... of being a an early adopter who hasn't been around enough with all of us adicts :sunglasses:

We've seen all these issues too but did hang around when they got solved too.
Back then there were nowhere near as many posts to plough through to find a solution again.

Just like @bko said - there is an easy way to do it without JTAG but we seem to have lost it :blush:

Edit: I think I found it
As far as I remember I did it as described here

Otherwise this might also be interesting
Flashing ? firmware to 0x00020000 or 0x08005000 or?

BTW: I hope you ordered Photons - those protons are just overcharged and rather slow :wink:


@liamf, any change of status on your side?

Did you manage to flash the bootloader as pointed out in the above quote?