Connecting to WiFi via a PEAP authenticated WAP?

I’m currently on a University’s network the WAP is open although I can’t authenticate for the Spark Core :frowning: need help

Hi @jbonnett,

I think PEAP isn’t supported on the CC3000, any chance you can get your campus to whitelist CC3000’s mac addresses? Campus IT people are usually pretty cool, maybe they can help provide some way to let your cores get online at school? :slight_smile: Many campuses have a guest network that would work so long as they exclude the devices from a captive portal.

Unfortunately they won’t do it :frowning: they have a strict I.T policy. We have competitions for hacking the Uni’s network, as they are one of the best computational Uni’s in the UK.

You may have to set up your own Wi-Fi network. can you plug in your own router to Ethernet, or use your computer or phone as an access point?

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I can’t do that either as a router or switch can not authenticate a PEAP connection it’s the end device e.g. my computer I could share my computers internet connection… although I have no spare plugs for an extra device like a router, and we can’t use any multi adapters as they check our rooms and class it as a fire hazard. I can’t win :frowning:

Heres what you can do:

  1. Connect to the wi-fi with the internet connection via a phone that can theter through bluetooth
  2. Theter the internet over bluetooth and connect your mac to the bluetooth connection
  3. Follow this link to share a bluetooth internet connection over a wi-fi network created on your mac:

All the best!