Whitelabel Particle Setup Wizard

I’m trying to create a white-labeled product with an accompanying Android app so that the user never knows that particle is involved.

On the android side, I can modify the look and feel of the Particle Device Setup Wizard by modifying values in a Customization.xml file. However, changing certain values causes several problems with the performance of the wizard, mainly the “network_name_prefix” value. By changing this value to anything other than “Photon” no devices will appear in the “choose your photon” activity.

I am able to eliminate any mention of photon in the wizard except for the broadcasted SSID of the photon that I want to claim. I realize this is the default SSID (Photon-XXXXXX). Is there any way to change this SSID before the user claims this device, or at least hide it within the wizard to a name of my choosing?



Are you looking for this?: https://docs.particle.io/reference/firmware/photon/#system-config-set

// Change the SSID prefix in listening mode
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Thanks a bunch. I was looking in the wrong section of the documentation.