Questions about mass deployment

Hi Everyone.
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I have 2 questions about mass deployment of the Photon:

  1. Can I change the default WiFi name of the device (i.e. Photon-XXXX) to “MyProduct-XXXX”?
  2. When I press the setup button to enter the listening mode, there’s a way of select which antenna
    (chip or external) will be used to connect to the WiFi router? I need to be sure that the buyers will
    be able of complete the WiFi setup even if they are at certain distance of the router.

I’m successfully using an external antenna (and switch to it in my code), but it seem that the listening
mode reverts to the chip one.

Your help will be very appreciated.
Thank you and happy weekend!

You could use this I guess:

Just in case you didn’t read the long thread, there is a (yet undocumented) command you could use to set the prefix


But be sure to use this only very sparingly to avoid flash wear.

Thank you @Moors7 and @ScruffR for your great reply.
I successfully changed the soft AP name, entered listen mode and sent credentials to
the device. Before I entered listen mode I switched to the external antenna and I can configure
the Photon over a nice distance.

One step closer to market :smile:

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@ScruffR - You mentioned to use this System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_PREFIX, "MyName"); sparingly to avoid flash wear. Does this mean we shouldn’t be calling this every boot? Even if the prefix does not change?

AFAIK the risk of flash wear isn’t that big anymore as it seems that there now won’t be rewrites as long the content doesn’t change, but it’s still good practice to avoid doing things that are not necessary.