Change universal global scientific vendor name

Hi, Is is possible to change the wifi vendor name, so that my future product would appear with my desired product name?

If you are refering to the SoftAP SSID the Photon exposes during Listening/Setup Mode, then you can use these


But this is as sticky setting, so you’d need to revert the prefix to Photon in order to have the Particle tools to finde the SoftAP for their setup procedure.

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good to know, thanks, but I was meaning the “Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.” that lan tools see particle(s) as?

I’d say probably not. That string is mapped to the MAC address prefix and vendor ID by the Wi-Fi Alliance and registered with the IEEE. I’m not positive, but I don’t think the name is stored on the device itself; your LAN tool probably has a copy of the database and and is doing the mapping of MAC prefix or vendor ID to vendor name.


The only way to change that is by spoofing your MAC address which may be technically possible, I’m not sure. However, you cannot change it to some kind of custom string if that’s what you are looking for. They correspond to different vendors and tools like the one you use consult a database to come up with that universal global name based off of the MAC.

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