Photon SoftAp Name

Is it possible to change Photon Soft Ap name? Currently it shows up as “Photon-XXXX”.

During setup mode, the AP name is used by the mobile apps and particle cli to determine which WiFi APs are photons. Since the setup mode is part of a system process, there are no plans to make this user-editable.

BUUUT… :smirk: we will be making AP mode on the photon accessible to user code. Then it will be possible to specify the SSID name freely (up to 32 characters) when the system is not in setup mode.


@mdma, please see this thread. If this was changed in within the firmware, would this cause major issues?

Yes, simply because your change will be overwritten by the system update in the future, unless you also change it not to happen. So, if it’s just SSID, you should simply change the data, not the code, as I just posted in the thread.

Are there any news on this feature?

This mode (SoftAP) is in the docs and mentioned several times in multiple threads on the front page of the forum.


Hey, Any update on this? It would be nice to change the SSID name if you are going to use P1/P0 as a production microcontroller.

You can change the prefix, the “Photon” part by using:


Hey but this makes the device undiscovered on the particle APP . Sorry i should of mentioned that.

Well, yes, with the actual Particle app. But if you’re branding a product you’d probably be using the device setup SDK with your own custom branded mobile app.

For iOS or Android, set networkNamePrefix to be the matching prefix.

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