How to change soft ap id by user part firmware?

Now I have to flash random id to Photon to change soft ap id and It is very hard when there are thousands Photon.
I think maybe I can use MAC or Device ID as soft ap id but can not find a firmware API to change soft api id.

If I can call HAL API to operate flash maybe I can change the soft ap id I think.

Is there a HAL API doc and format of soft ap id in flash?

The SoftAP SSID is by default set in two parts, a fixed prefix and a generated suffix, you can overwrite either half as you require like this System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_PREFIX, “Stuff”);

The suffix seems to be a fixed length of 4 characters, so if you were to set a suffix of less than 4 chars you would get some of the generated bit stuck on the end of it.

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for future reference, it’s in the docs:

Thanks very much!


Is there an API to read SSID suffix?
I have try to usd dct_read_app_data() but get an error "undefined reference to `dct_read_app_data’ "