Suffix for SSID


Just wondering if there is any way to get the four digit SoftAP suffix in the firmware so we can display it to a user. Our current plan was to randomize a new one and set it, but this seems like a much easier approach.


There will be in 0.6.0, which will support AP mode, so you’ll be able to get the SSID of the local AP without having to actually start a local AP.

There is a very hacky way to get it with the current firmware by reading directly from one of two flash locations where the SSID suffix is stored. Let me know if you’d want to persue that.


Awesome, I’ll take the very hacky way for now as it’s preferable to randomizing and setting it custom for each device

Ok, the SSID suffix is stored in one of two possible locations:


If the address contains the value 255 then it’s not set and you should try the other address.

I hope that helps!

Worked great! Thanks

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hi mdma

am not sure what am doing wrong here
when i try to read the suffix from the location you mentioned in the previous post
like this
uint8_t suffix = *((uint8_t *)0x080064B8);
It always returns 0xFF from both locations.

Also am bit confused about these memory locations you mentioned here.
as per the memory layout in
DCT1 0x8004000 0x8008000 16 KB
DCT2 0x8008000 0x800C000 16 KB

and as per this
device id 1852 6 ( which i believe is the suffix)

shouldnt we be reading the location 0x800473C ??

Any help would be really appreciated…


Thanks for the information.

I got the SSID Suffix starting on 0x80064B8.
Could you please on what determines the location of the suffix, in 0x80064B8 or 0x800A4B8?

Additionally, could you please comment if we can be confident that per default all Photons are shipped with a 4-character Suffix?

Jorge Rdz.