What's going on with documentation?

This all that I’m getting right now, in all of the documentation sections on both of my browsers. Was hoping to put a simple project together today to demonstrate on saturday for arduino day

It’s working over here. Could you perhaps try another browser, if you haven’t already done so?

I’m getting content (Chrome on Windows). What browser are you using? Maybe try private/incognito mode to see if that helps. If that works, you might need to flush your browser cache and/or cookies.

Make it 2. Hit ctrl + f5 yeah!

Opera and IE11 on windows and Safari on iPhone iOS7 are working.
If it remains dysfunctional, you could always use the github documentation.

Okay that helps, from what its being said the site should be up. I’m using firefox and chromium for ubuntu 13.10. I just set it up yesterday so everything should be standard.

Yeah I think thats the way, I’m going to go about it, thank you.

Though, I’m still curious

Firefox on Ubuntu 13 works for me as well (VMware, virtual machine). Can’t get Chromium to install, so can’t comment on that. Strange though.

@Moors7 interesting. My uneducated guess is I might have some sort of router issue, but I’m unsure. Above is the js consol, Does anyone know what EER_CONNECTION_RESET means?

The github repo actually works well in place of the site, this is just an effort of currioustly at this point. Thanks for taking the time to help.

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Hey @inof8or , that is weird. I haven’t seen that error before, yea, googling seems to indicate a router/network issue of some kind. Are you behind an HTTP Proxy of some kind? I’d be curious to hear if you still experience the issue from a different network. I’m hoping if others see this and experience the issue, they’ll comment as well to figure out how widespread the issue is.


For some reasons these threads never sent me email notifications but you were absolutely right. I was having issue with other sites to. Something about forcing HTTPS… I just reset-up my router and the internet went back to normal. haha