[Resolved] Build.particle.io problems

@zachary Seems like the build.particle.io is down presently. I can’t seem to compile the codes. Any update on this as it keeps giving the error message “Error: Could not compile. Please review your code.” on everything including the sample codes (blink an led).

It’s working just fine for me. Have you tried refreshing your browser?

I have been doing that but still not working. I will try restarting my system now cos haven’t done that in days

Still having the same error even after restarting my system and trying it on another computer

Hmm, strange, since it’s working fine for me. Could you right-click the page and select “inspect this element”, and then open the console tab to see if that gives any errors?
Using an incognito version and/or clearing your cache might also help.

When I try to compile it gives the error below in the console. (xxxx representing some token I think).

POST https://api.particle.io/v1/apps/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/binaries 422 (Unprocessable Entity)

What browser are you using?
Try another.

@ScruffR Did that already and it seems to work well on IE but not Chrome or Chromium which I have been using for a while now. Thnks guys.

Will appreciate any update on the reason why it stopped working on Chrome. Cheers.

That’s a surprise - I use Chrome since IE doesn’t play well on my Win 8.1Pro 64bit

Any chance you’ve got some fancy extensions running in Chrome that might interfere, adblockers and the likes? Give incognito mode a shot?

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Could you try to go to Devices panel and change the Building with firmware version of currently selected device and see if it helps?

@Moors it works well in incognito mode. Though I tried Chrome on two different system, one with adblocker and the other without those fancy extensions. It has been working fine on both system till on Monday at about 3pm. Cheers.

Just thought to try it on Chrome again and its working fine. Probably problem from my end communicating with the compile server. But works for now. Thnx.

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Cool! Changing the name of the thread to reflect the resolved state!