Are compile errors flaky for others?

After only getting a blank screen back on error I’m not getting the actual compile error with line numbers! Has it been flaky for others? I can’t be the only one.

Or maybe everyone else writes perfect code.

Just tested, no issues on my side (Windows with Chrome and Firefox).
What browser are you using?

Have you tried to clear cache under settings ?

Not the cache. I’m using Chrome on OSX. When it doesn’t work, the compiler returns HTTP status 422. In the UI, the half-window comes up from the bottom but it’s blank. I’ve gotten pretty good at commenting out blocks of code until it compiles and using that to find the problematic line, but it takes a long time.

Right now (in the last day or so) it’s been working fine, which is actually the more unusual circumstance.

I’d love to know on the server side how many 422s Particle is seeing.

Okay, I’m getting the 422 error again. Now that I’m inspecting it I see the 422, and it looks like the body says it is returning a 200- so perhaps the http reverse proxy is messing it up.

and here’s what the UI looks like.

hey @dave can you take a look at this? I figure you might know who to dispatch this to.

Heya @tedder,

Good question! The IDE has a quirk where it won’t show your compile errors if the “search” bar is open. Click just to the right of the search bar, there’s a little text box there, and hit the ESC button on your keyboard.

I’ll report this as feedback to the IDE team as well.


Aha- I can reproduce that now. I didn’t figure out that it was associated with the search bar, but I can perfectly reproduce it now. Even in the “success” case 422 is returned, so that’s a red herring. The root of it is the search bar being there, even if it’s empty.

So, heh, it’s a JS issue, not a devops issue :slight_smile: