Compiling+flashing fails, HTTP error code 422

When I upload my code (fairly basic TinyGPSPlus example), it fails. The browser doesn’t show much (the bottom half of the drawer comes up, but is empty). Inspecing the network call I can see that it’s returning HTTP 422 (UnprocessableEntity) from the /binaries endpoint. What could possibly be causing that? How can I figure it out myself?

Here’s the code:

What happens when you hit the compile button?

‘verify’ and ‘flash’ both give that 422 error. Where’s the compile button? (obviously, I’m new to this, I set it down in late 2014).

I iterated and figured out the problem, it seems that it fails in this way whenever I make a mistake. I have to remove code until I find the problem. In this case it was SoftwareSerial. That makes debugging really difficult (I’m trying to figure out what is failing now).

Registering my Photon, I’m wondering if the Core isn’t compatible with the libs. I’ll post back when I am done, but it’d be nice to know why I’m getting 422.

Okay, when I’m running this with the Photon configured (I’m in the web IDE, btw), I at least get errors.

And I’m discovering that I have to import the libraries. ooops!

The original issue still stands; building for Core returns 422 instead of errors.