Compile successfully but failed flash into my core

Hi there,
I am a newer for particle studying . I have met a troublesome problem for this days .After trying several times of compile and flash ,I can only compile my code into .bin files but failed to flash the .bin file into my particle core every times. I am replying for your help .
Thanks .

Just to confirm, you are using a Core not a Photon?

What are you using to compile? Web IDE or Particle-cli?

Thank for your reply,I am sure I am using a Particle core not Photon and Particle Dev to compile and flash.

Is there an error message when you compile?

No,there is no any error .It can Compile successfully but just can’t flash the .bin file into the Particle Core.

Do you have a screenshot? The core needs to be connected to the :cloud:

You can see in the picture that my code had been compile into core_firmware_***** successfully and I am sure I have made correct shcematic.But when I flash it into my particle there is no any response.

Did the blink magenta during flashing?

Yes,but after blinking magenta it blink blue quietly and no any response.

Try this code:

void setup(){

void loop(){

It doesn’t work yet.I can compile successfully but can’t flash it into core.

Is your core breathing cyan?

Sorry for the late reply.

To follow up with my question, first of all, When I try to compile my code in the cloud,it cost too much time or shows “compiling in the cloud” all the time.Secondly, My core is connected through USB and I cannot upload to it. If I click the flash button the IDE tells me “Flashing code…” The core starts flashing magenta, wildly. Then after a few seconds the IDE says “Ready” but the core is still flashing magenta. After another 10 seconds the core starts to flash green and other color led and end with breathing cyan.But the led is not work,which means the code has not been flashed.

Do you have DFU-util installed?

Yes ,I have DFU-util installed and attached the screenshot .what’s more,I had performed a full firmware upgrade for the Spark Core.

For your user code in the Web IDE, hit on the :cloud: icon to download the binary and flash via DFU mode using dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x08005000 -D xxxxxxx.bin

I have done what you have told me to do. but my core is still in DFU mode and flash yellow.what should I do next?

Hit the RESET button and see if the blink code runs.

I am very happy to find it works.Thanks.But I want to know how to compile and flash through my Particle IDE.

I’m guessing that your internet connection is a little too unstable for a successful OTA flash. You can try doing it again via Web IDE and see how it goes.