Online build not working?

@Dave and :spark: Particle crew

As it seems the Web IDE, Particle Dev and CLI build has stopped working although all systems are reported operational.

Edit: Nevermind - just started working again - Sorry

Hi @ScruffR,

Just tested it, confirmed that it’s working at the moment. Please feel free to ping us again if it stops working for more than ~2-3 minutes. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to compile the blink-an-led example and I get
"Error: Could not compile. Please review your code." and no other error info.

so… you have a ping :slight_smile:

It seems to happen more often: status reported as operational, yet this error-message. After thorough review of my code… Took quite some time and energy. Then tested code known to work, still the same…

About 24h ago, came back online later on as reported above. ~14 hours ago and now (still?).

Able to compile on Particle Build. Particle Dev is mute when attempting to compile a one line program. No response to click on the compile icon.

int x = 7;

Logged out, logged in, connected to core, core blinking so internet is connected.