*Build/Compile Site/Cloud is Down

Is Build site down?

I can’t access it and an error appears!

Ive waited a while and didn’t came back online.

This is the error:

Build site is now working again, but flashing or compiling is not working.

Guy’s this keeps happening!
So frustrated!

Well… After 50 minutes of waiting without being able to compile or flash… Either using the build site or the Particle Dev IDE… Going to sleep with a frustrated code written.

This is not right.

Yes. It looks like something is a miss. I’m trying to contact someone to resolve this. Sorry for the frustration!

Hey @frlobo, we’ve got some folks looking into this now. Thanks for letting us know.

thanks guys, Particle is the best! :smile:

I have to admit that service it’s outstanding… Sorry for the bad mood…

Still… I think you should look into giving us some sort of local compile…

EDIT: Using ParticleDEV IDE (As simple as Arduino)

@frlobo, you can do local compile with a local toolchain
Have a brows in the forum, you’ll find some guidance :wink:

If only Particle Build is down but the build farm is up and running, you can use Particle Dev or CLI.

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@frlobo should be working now

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