Internet explorer and other browser issues

Can not get web IDE to work with IE. Nor will web page examples work correctly. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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@Cretcheu, which version of windows and IE are you using?

Exactly why I don’t use IE and you shouldn’t either IMHO :slight_smile:

Get Google Chrome and get back to having a solid internet experience :wink:

EDIT: The latest IE is so bad and we are having so many problems with it at work that our IT guy is having people reinstall old versions of it… I just ignore all that though because I use Chrome!


really nobody should be using MSIE anymore, there’s no reason to really with Chrome and Firefox (and even opera) having free Windows builds. i know webdevs who refuse to even support it anymore.

I am using the very latest version of IE. just self installed a couple days ago.
If Spark Core doesn’t work with IE I can live with that but I don’t understand the issue.


Related topic…
Clicking on Firmware Refernce in Documention on the Spark Core site consistently crashes Safari on my iPad. I know I can use other devices but I use my iPad for reading, so this is a pain.

join the club, the documentation site renders and scrolls incredibly slowly for me on a quad core desktop pc using firefox and chrome, plus half of the links don’t work.

you’re better off using the docs on github

can you provide more info? which links don’t work?

i take it back, it actually seems to work better now - previously it was the anchor links that didn’t actually scroll to where they should do, i think they used javascript before rather than proper hrefs.

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As I stated the Firmware Reference link consistently crashes Safari on the iPad.
There are others that crash the browser as well but I do not have a list.

Yep we did a refactor to change the docs so that the links would work better. Now the content is static HTML, rather than being generated on the fly in javascript.

Thanks Cretcheu - does the iPad report anything when it crashes?

No, it just closes the browser and I get returned to the desktop. I can go back in and navigate until I click on Firmware Reference.
There are other parts of the Spark website that respond the same way…

Just installed Chrome for iPad and the Firmware Reference link on Spark crashes Chrome. When I restart Chrome it acknowledges that it did not close normally.

Hope this helps

Now 2015 and I have same problem with Docs/firmware on IPad all versions and sizes crashing with Safari, Chrome, Mercury and Opera.
Was there ever a resolution?

I have had the same issue for a while. @Dave, @jgoggins, @zachary, any ideas why docs/firmware would crash any ipad browser?

A least iOS8 has the decency to tell me something went awry:

Good question @peekay123 , I thought we fixed that bug here, perhaps not. @Cretcheu , could you specify the details of what iOS versions this is happening on? If anyone else is experiencing crashes on iOS for the, please comment on that issue too.


@jgoggins, as mentioned above:


I noticed the docs page recently crashing iphone safari, but I would think that iPads would be safe. My guess is that Safari is getting eager, and rendering everything, instead of just the single page, and it’s running out of memory / crashing. I’ll open an issue for it. :slight_smile:

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