Web IDE Library loading issues

I’m just getting started with the Particle boards (they look so much better than things like the D1 Mini I had previously used), but I’m having problems with adding libraries to the WebIDE.

I’m trying to test an ePaper display I bought and I’m not 100% certain which libraries to use, but almost all of them I try just sit “Loading…” and never complete. The one that looks the best option is the GxEPD2, though a similar WaveshareEPaper29b library also had the same issue. There are a couple of others I have tried with no luck either.

I have tried Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10, safari on IoS and Firefox on Linux, all with the same symptoms, so I don’t think it is a browser issue.

Any suggestions? The frustrating thing about computers, it is always the bit you think will be the easy step that you lose hours of time on!