Web IDE fails to load libraries

Hi there
I am trying to load some libraries while using the web IDE, but always keep loading, earlier I tried the mqtt-tls but failed. Then am trying a smaller one like PL_MICROEPD but the same. I was able to do it few months back using MS edge browser. Now trying using Edge and Chrome for Boron.
Help please. Thanks

If that is occurring there is unfortunately little that can be done. I was able to load the PL_MICROEPD on my computer, but it can be timing-sensitive.

Our recommendation is to use Particle Workbench instead of the Web IDE.

Thanks for your recommendation.
I was trying to use mqtt-tls. Using workbench I am facing problem to compile sometime and if compiled it fails to connect to the mqtt broker. I've already posted these two issues in two different posts. As I found someone was successful using the web-ide while faced issue with the workbench. I planned to have a try myself.