Unable to Download Particle DEV (Windows x64)

All, links I’ve found for downloading Particle DEV (Windows x64) lead to Particle DEV Desktop IDE. Sadly when (for some reason the links are way at the bottom of the page!!) I click on the Windows x64 download download link nothing happens (besides a spinning/waiting icon).

I just clicked on your “Windows x64 download” link and it worked for me.

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You’re correct. It seems the link does not work with Microsoft EDGE. Come on guys!!

Thank you for the feedback, I’m letting my team know.

@KyleG, Thank you!

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Sure this should work, but I’m not alone with the impression that Edge is still not ready for prime time.

My company 2000+ machines has moved from Win7 32bit to Win10 64bit but Edge was kicked as default browser since our most relevant business tasks were just not possible with it.
So “Come on guys!!” will be gracefully defered to MS :wink:

@ScruffR sorry, I beg to differ :confused:. Companies that have public websites have to support multiple browsers and multiple versions of each browser. Edge is a browser on par with Chrome and Firefox (Safari is actually consider the laagered these days). They’ll never all be exactly equal.

Anyhow, It’s in Particle’s interest to support Edge as well as the other browsers. Having built many public domain websites supporting multiple versions of many more browsers than just (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) I can sympathize but I also know as a company one can’t afford not to. For internal websites, it’s a completely different story.