What are the advantages of the electron ethersim over the current setup

Is there any advantage in moving to the ethersim 404kit for electron over the 402kit if my products are staying in the US or is the only advantage the fact that it’s a global sim? Trying to decide whether to go ahead and order more or wait until they eventually come to the wholesale store.

There is no ELC404 kit; it’s only available in trays in the wholesale store, so that probably answers your question.

If you are using the ELC402, presumably you are in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

There is no officially supported reason you’d want to upgrade from the ELC402 to the ELC404 because the carriers are the same, in theory, in NorAm.

However, in practice, T-Mobile US has been quietly rolling out LTE Cat M1 support. They have only officially announced LTE Cat NB1, which is not compatible with Particle devices. However, unofficially the ELC404 (and E404, and BRN404) can connect to both AT&T and T-Mobile, in areas where T-Mobile has turned on LTE Cat M1 support.

Thanks. I use the electron evaluation kits for my products. Currently I use the E402kit that is in the wholesale store but the regular store has the E404kit which uses the ethersim setup. Most of my stuff is going to rural areas so the option of possibly connecting to T mobile if Att is not available would be nice.

Great information. Thanks @rickkas7 Helps me understand if I should try and jump to EtherSim or not. Now to get Verizon on this list and you guys would rule! I know, I know… something with Verizon but having Verizon added to this list would be huge!

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