Does anyone in the US have an extra 4FF Ethersim to sell?

I have a pre-Ethersim Boron and am hoping to get it on the Ethersim network. I just found out the 4FF plastic Ethersim cards are only sold wholesale in trays of 50 - does anyone happen to have an extra they’d be willing to sell (within the US)? Thank you.

The SKU SIMBLANKV2 is the single-unit EtherSIM 4FF SIM card and is available in the wholesale store (in addition to the 50-packs).

The situations where the EtherSIM will help in the United States are minimal, however:

  • Pricing is the same for EtherSIM and the original SIM
  • On the Boron 2G/3G, it will not add any carriers in the US.
  • The EtherSIM does not officially add any carriers to the Boron LTE (BRN402) in the US.

The reason is that T-Mobile officially only supports LTE Cat NB1, which is different and not supported by Particle devices. However, many areas of the United States have unofficial T-Mobile LTE Cat M1 service, not advertised by T-Mobile. Using an EtherSIM in a BRN402 will add T-Mobile support which is not available on the built-in SIM on the BRN402. The EtherSIM does not add support for Verizon!

In other words, if you are using the Boron LTE (Cat M1) and would benefit from having T-Mobile as well as AT&T, it can be helpful, but otherwise not. But since T-Mobile only supports LTE Cat M1 in some areas, it may not help everywhere, even if there is good T-Mobile coverage.


Thank you @rickkas7 ! I totally missed that in your other response, apologies.

I got confused because when I reactivated my pre-Ethersim Boron yesterday it still shows me the 5mb per month data usage chart in my console and I thought I had to physically put in an Ethersim to take advantage of the new structure. To clarify, does my legacy Boron fall under the 100mb per month cellular limit now?

The Billing and Usage page in the console should be showing the 100 MB limit for your account, and it works with all Particle cellular devices, including all Boron, Electron, and E Series devices.

If you’re still seeing the old usage page, you might want to open a support ticket and determine why. You could have an account that for some reason is grandfathered. Most accounts were automatically switched to free, but there were some exceptions.

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