Hypothetical - IF Particle.IO adds Verizon as a carrier will it be supported on current EtherSim Hardware

So during the AMA event with Zach and team, the general comment was made by Zach: “We are working on expanding the list of cellular partners we support in the U.S. and internationally. The elephant in the room is Verizon, which many of our customers have requested that we add to EtherSIM.”

Can someone confirm that when or maybe at this point it’s just a big IF, particle.IO added support for Verizon that it would be capable with existing Ethersim devices? The reason I ask is I’m on the cusp of placing an order for multiple BRN404 trays especially with the extended lead times yet. The bulk of my customers are in remote areas which generally Verizon seems to have better coverage. So like many of us, I’m eager to see Verizon capability added. In any case, I’ll be placing the order but would maybe up the quantity ordered if I know that IF (I know it’s a big IF, :slight_smile: ) Particle.IO added support for Verizon that an existing Ethersim capable device (say a BRN404) would be compatible. Do we think connecting to Verizon would require different hardware? Just hate to over order and then shortly after I receive the order particle.IO comes out and says we now support Verizon but it requires a BRN405(or some other version that I don’t have.

Any insights or guidance would be appreciated.

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There are too many unknowns to say for sure. For example:

It is possible that Verizon could be added via a software change to the EtherSIM. However there is also a possibility it could require a different physical MFF2 SIM.

It’s possible that it could be added on the LTE Cat M1 SKUs like the B404 and BRN404. However, it’s also possible that it could require a different SKU, perhaps a LTE Cat 1 SKU like the B524, but with an Americas band modem.

Verizon LTE Cat M1 requires that we undergo Verizon certification and submit a list of IMEIs to allow onto the Verizon network. If we have to make any changes to the B404 or BRN404, it’s possible that only the new SKUs would be certified.

Which is to say if we were able to add Verizon, there is a path where existing devices would gain support. But there are also other possible scenarios where only new devices would be able to support Verizon.


Thanks for the explanation @rickkas7! I wasn’t sure if it just a business contractual discussion with Verizon or a technical development item. Sounds like maybe both. Thanks for elaborating/letting me know!

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Still waiting for Verizon also. We lost AT&T coverage in SW Kansas


Also pinging for Verizon coverage. Our application is for Rural locations as well and AT&T doesn’t seem to cover as well.