Confirm viability of migration to Particle E404Kit

Good day,
Facing the loss of 3G in my area using my present Electron 3G, can I just confirm that the LTE version of the E404Kit would be the proper unit to migrate to?

Thanks very much.

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Hi Shorpal- You are correct the E404x is the proper unit to migrate to.

What area are you in? The United States, Canada, and Mexico?

The E404KIT is an E Series module evaluation board. While software compatible with the Electron, there are two issues:

  • It’s a completely different form-factor and also large (it’s an eval board, not a module)
  • It only works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you can find one (used, or new, sitting on a shelf at some distributor), and you are in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, the ELC402EA is what you probably want. It’s the same form-factor as the E260 Electron but is LTE Cat M1.

Thanks very much.
I’m in the NE USA and I was nervous about the E404KIT because its page on mentions it is soon to be terminated due to lack of parts. That’s fine but I just wanted to make sure it will continue to function. The larger form factor is OK for my use.

Thanks again!

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