Particle Electron LTE (single-unit) Part Number


I am currently working on a custom circuit board, and I specifically need the Electron LTE board ONLY.

Everywhere I looked, it always comes in combo with a dev kit, and there is no specific part number given anywhere.

I just wanted to know what is the part number for ONLY the Electron LTE board and where can I order the boards (single-units) in bulk?

Thank you so much

The Electron LTE is only available in the Particle Wholesale Store, SKU ELC402EA. Note that this is just the Electron LTE (with headers) and does not contain a battery or antenna. However it’s also currently out of stock.

Thank you so much! It helps a lot :slight_smile:

Also, on another note, as the part is out of stock, would it be possible to know the earliest lead time for around 30+ units?

Thank you

It looks like the expected availability of ELC402TY (tray of 50) is end of July. I think, but am not positive, that there will also be ELC402EA (each) in that order.

Appreciate the insight! Thanks again!