We weren't able to assign your device to the product, the problem occurred on our end M404

Adding the m-som to my account via setup.particle.io website over usb. Getting an error for adding it to a product. How can I fix this?

The most common cause of that error is that the device was already added to a product or claimed to another user.

The normal status LED sequence is blinking green, blinking cyan, breathing cyan. Was the device able to get past blinking green? If so, it may be functional, just not added to a new product.

This is a brand new muon that had not been set up. It was not able to get past the blinking green phase.

I can’t add the device to my account, and it has never been connected to another account.

If you private message me the Device ID or serial number for the device, and the email address of the account you're trying to add to I can check it.

The serial number and device ID don't appear to be in our database, I'll have someone check and see why. But that's why it could not be added.

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Preliminary investigation is that we didn't receive the data for that batch of devices from the manufacturer, so investigation is still ongoing.

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Should I contact support and get a new M404 or is this something that can be fixed remotely?

It can be fixed remotely as soon as the data records for that batch are found.

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Timeline for getting this fixed?

Assuming we got the missing data from the manufacturer last night, the devices should be fixed today (Tuesday). It's not just yours, it's the whole batch.

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Working now! Got the M-SoM paired up. Very excited to test it out :grin: Thank you @rickkas7 and team.

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