[ISSUE] Blocked again Need help with products not working correctly (access and device membership)

I've been having trouble with new devices and my products for a few days now. Last night, when trying to add a new Boron to my product in Setup (page 3/4) it failed continuously saying I don't have permissions (to the product I created). This wasn't true and the error message is poorly written because it doesn't indicate which permission is required that it thought was missing. The impact was that there was no way for me to debug it or progress further.

Today, it mysteriously started working without any changes at my end and I was able to add the device to my product and verify it when I browsed the product through the console. Great that it started working but I don’t know why.

Tonight, again, when I try to browse into either of my products in the console, it says "There was a problem trying to access your product. Please try again later.". Really? Please try again later? How much later? Should I wait another day? It would be great if the UI could provide some useful information about the root cause.

When I added the device, I added it to my product which the UI forced me to do, even though products aren't required. In another thread, Rick said that's "to encourage use of products correctly". I think Particle needs to be consistent and either make it optional or required but not both. If it's optional, don't require it. And if it's required, say so. Don't say it's optional. Don't call it a best practice because that implies it's optional. Say it's required. The inconsistency just adds to the difficulty of the learning curve.

In the setup process I did not claim the device. Now, 3 hours later, when I examine the device with the Lookup tool, it says it's claimed to my development account and not in a product. Both of those seem to be clearly wrong.

I'd just like to say how frustrating this process has been.

I'd appreciate it if someone from the Particle team could help me debug this. It would be helpful if someone could look at my 3 company accounts and the two products shared between them and confirm that they're configured correctly and not contributing to these inconsistencies.
If you could drop me an email, I'll provide the corporate the name of development account I'm using and the device id.


Hi Lance-

Thanks for reaching out, I'm happy to help. To clear up some confusion, while it is required to add a device to a product if you're using setup.particle.io to set up your device, it is technically optional overall. However, that path is highly encouraged which is why it is required in the default path. Those who are strongly against adding the device to a product are welcome to use other tools.

Can you please DM me the device id and the emails of the relevant accounts? I'll take a look and help you get this sorted.


okay Thanks Colleen. (required vs encouraged)

Thanks for offering to look at my situation. I'll DM you the the device id and the emails of the relevant accounts.


update: Unblocked. I am now able to browse into the product using my developer account. Not sure what changed. Thanks.

A little more detail. I am unblocked because the account that created the products can browse into the product UI without issues. However, when using my development account (with developer access) I can now browse into the product to the "Fleet Health" page, however I can't browse into the "Settings" page (get the same error as in my OP).

Hi Tom-

Thanks for the update, I'm glad you're unblocked. I'll keep an eye on your accounts and let you know if I see anything out of the ordinary. I've been unable to reproduce the issue on my end as well. Have you had any WiFi issues lately? That's always a possible culprit when it comes to setup.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the other four Borons.


re: WiFi issues; My macbook is hardwired to my router and I have Wifi shut off.

But that's a good reminder. I've repeated the mistake of using a hub or cheap usb cable more often that I'd like to admit. :slight_smile:

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