[Issue] A few questions/issues as I try to setup up some Borons and add to my product

I'm struggling with a few device setup issues. My sense is that I've made one mistake and now I'm off the typical setup path and just need a little help getting back on it.

How do I get the device id for a new device before I start the setup process? I have a handful of Borons I'd like to setup and add to my new product in my new company account. The documentation recommends that one adds the device id to the product in advance ( Creating a product | Getting Started | Particle) How to do I determine the device id in advance?

Why don't I have permission to add to a product if I'm the product owner? Thinking I needed to get through the setup process before I could see the device id, I connected my device via USB and launched the setup process (https://setup.particle.io/). The setup process prompted me to add the device to my product in Step 3/4 "Organize your Particle device", and correctly listed my product. But adding it failed, saying I don't have permissions. Why would it think I don't have permissions? Is it because it thinks I don't own the device?

Should I claim the device? Serial Number Lookup (Lookup Tools | Tools | Particle) confirms that its not claimed and not in a product that I have access to. It asks if I want to claim it. I'm tempted to but the recommendation now is to not claim devices. (under "Product Setup, Device Claiming - Creating a product | Getting Started | Particle). Why does the Serial Number Lookup process propose I claim the device if this is not the recommended approach?

I'm assuming there's a simple step to get back on the right path but I don't see it.

Thanks in advanceā€¦

Previously, I was able to successfully setup a Photon 2 in a product in this account. I also have a personal account (this one!) and have verified that I wasn't logged into it at setup time and my new Boron isn't listed in the personal account.

3/24/24: Follow-up on my own question

Why does Step 3/4 "Organize your Particle device" force you to create product when the text on the page says "we recommend you start with a product in your sandbox"?

What would be causing product creation to fail? Going through the setup process again, on Step 3/4 "Organize your Particle device", instead of selecting my product, I attempt to create a new one. It fails with "We weren't able to create your new product, the problem occurred on our end. Please try again." Trying again doesn't seem to be a useful action to recommend.

Can't edit products. Also, when I try to edit any of the products from the owning account in the Particle Console I get the error popup "There was a problem trying to access your product. Please try again later". Perhaps this is the same problem (such as permissions) just in a different UI.

At this point I'm blocked and I think some of these problems, while perhaps caused by my config, should be logged as product or website defects (mostly around language). I've pre-fixed the topic with [Issue]

I found the answer to gettig one's device id in Rick's post. Finding your device ID and also in Lookup Tools | Tools | Particle "Identify device over USB"

When you order devices in tray quantity from the Particle wholesale store you'll be emailed a list of Device IDs in your order. You can just upload this file. The other tools will work fine for smaller quantities.

Setup always creates a product (or allows you to add to an existing product) to encourage use of products correctly. It's not really required if you want to set up your devices manually, but creating a product is a good idea.

Thanks Rick.

I was also blocked because Setup Setup 3/4 wouldn't allow me to add my devices to one of my products. However, today I can browse into my products again and add my new devices during setup so my access seems to have fixed itself somehow. Just updating this thread for others.

So my issues/questions in this thread are resolved. Should I, the OP, mark the prefix [Resolved] or should that be left to a forum admin?