Cannot view products or set-up new device!

Trying to set up a boron and in an endless loop of error messages including "We weren't able to create your new product, the problem occurred on our end. Please try again." (using the web setup)
" Looks like you don't have permissions to add your device to the selected product. Please check your permissions with the organization administrator and try again or add your device to a different product. Learn about team access controls"
(when trying to add to an existing product)
"Your role does not allow you to perform this action" (trying to select any product in the Particle console.)
Now I can't view ANY products. and I have a bunch that I definitely don't need haha
please help ;w;

@Support please assist!

Hi @shmothy!

I'm Alberto, from the TAM team. Can you please DM your device ID, the mail used for your particle account (if different from the one in the screen capture), and the product number you are trying to add your device?

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