Code doesnt change and cannot create another product / Setup B524 SoM


Ive been trying to set up a B524 in a SoM Evaluation Board with some trouble.

First, I set it up with the tool and upload code with the Particle Web IDE. It kind of worked since i managed to upload a blinking code, but when i tried to upload a different code it wasnt changing the action of the controller as it was supposed to (ie. blink faster or slower) and the controller disconnected and started blinking green, and then connecting again, repeatedly.

So I tried restoring the controller with the tool with the result that I could upload different code correctly. But after that it kept not being able to act according to the new code i tryed to upload even with the Web IDE showing a succesful upload.

I did this several times and now I cannot even set it up because I cant associate it with an existing product and it doesnt let me create a new one. The set up tool shows this msg:

"Looks like you don't have permissions to add your device to the selected product. Please check your permissions with the organization administrator and try again or add your device to a different product."

But Im the administrator. And I cannot even delete the old products I created before. So I dont get whats wrong.

Please I need some advise.


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Welcome to the community! You can delete products as needed, refer to this post for info.

The blinking green indicates that the device is losing cellular connection so I would start looking at why the device is losing connections. When the device does connect, what is the signal strength and quality of the connection? This can be seen in the specific device page and looking at the device vitals as shown below.

Also, as you continue to troubleshoot you can use the various LED modes to get an idea what is occurring with your device. For more info related to the LED modes refer to this doc (modes are the same even though the doc references the Photon).

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