Adding Device ID to product fails

Using the Device ID obtained from particle identify command, I can claim the device fine (particle device add ) but I cannot add it to the product I have. The console function on the web invariable returns with
Bummer! No Devices were added
to your product. Please double check
the device IDs are correct and try

I have been able to add devices to this product in the past just fine.

You should create a support ticket for this as well. Make sure you include the device ID and the numeric product ID you’re trying to add it to.

Though not likely the problem you are seeing, make sure the a-f in the hex device IDs are in lowercase. The console requires them to be lowercase to add to a product. Particle identify outputs them in lowercase, but some other methods like getting it from the USB identifier have uppercase letters.

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ticket on the way

never mind, I didnt realize that product are segregated by device types. The devices that did work in the claiming process were all photons, the ones that fail all P1s. This because the product was created as a photon.


Would be nice if the console could show which device the product is built on (say right next to the product code). Or better: let the same product handle compatible devices - I for one run identical FW on photon and P1. The photon is just used on the bench, the P1 in production.

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The reason is that even if the source code is identical, the console takes compiled firmware binaries. The binaries are different, even if the source is identical.

alright, so i created a new product but do I have to create new oAuth credentials also? At some point I am getting a slug error and with a new set of oAuth creds I seem not being able to create a user/login the particle network.