Visualize data on your website is EASY with Wordpress


Do you use Wordpress?
I love WordPress and have integrated my Photon with it.

I wrote a plugin that interfaces with Particles Cloud. You can display and set variables. You can also run functions. There’s an admin screen to configure your Photon credentials. So access tokens are protected. You can chart data, line or bar charts. You can control and change images related to polled data in realtime.
This plugin allows you to present your data on your Wordpress site using simple shortcodes.

Let me know if you have an interest in this. I would like to develop this plugin more where you can control your home using a graphical display, track packages like flowers or pizza deliveries, greenhouse monitor, aquarium controller, securty system and so much more by using the power of Wordpress.
Here’s an example of my plugin, it’s all in realtime. So watch it for a few seconds. Use it in your Chrome browser, mobile or desktop. Check out the verbal report at upper right.

So let me know if you’re interested.
It’s very easy to use and easy to interface to your projects.


This looks NICE. I would like to try it out.


@applefarm That’s really nice work there!

I have a WordPress site setup along with WP-Client to provide an individual user password protected login interface for our clients.

Then we can embed our dashboards into the individual password protected accounts easily.

That is the easiest method of setting up a password protected client portal with my limited web programming language.

I love how you added the voice response widget to the site.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people who would love what you have created!

Keep up the good work and keep us updated on your progress.


Thanks Tim,
The tool is nice.


I agree. You can use WP to manage access to protected pages containing the GUI to IOT devices.
Thanks for the support.


This is a great project, I have never heard or Aeroponics, but I really like the way you have used wordpress to display your data, I would like to know a bit more about the code you developed and how I can learn to do the same, I am working on automating a swimming pool, with temp and ph measurements, rain gauge detection, motor and heater on off function and automation of adding the hot water from the solar warming unit.

How can I get hold of the plugin you wrote to create a page like this to monitor my pool? I also have a 3D printer that has a lot of automation and I would like to see it all on one page, I have live camera, turning on and off several systems, auto loading and unloading which I am still working on.

Awesome project, well done!


This is very nice!
As I have stated elsewhere I really think Particle need to offer more things for this side of the equation. For web-programmers that need to dabble in some hardware, this forum and the docs are an excellent resource . If you are a hardware/firmware developer and suddenly find yourself needing to interface the world at large, Particle provides a big stepping stone with the Photon/Electron and the Particle cloud but is only a piece of the puzzle. There is still a potentially very expensive and time consuming amount of work developing a system that handles your customer accounts & devices, displays their data and controls access to the products functions and variables. In addition if you do this yourself you run a huge risk of undermining the security the Device-Particle link provides.
You can do some of this using Losant or Ubidots etc for a head start but given none of those (as yet ??) replicate or interact with Particle definition of Products and customers, you lose some of what Particle has created in their ecosystem.
If Particle could adopt or officially back an effort like this one, that gives you a simple way to quickly integrate Particle with a popular framework I think that’s a potentially awesome thing. However if not do please share or commericalize this one, keep up the good work.


@BrandonCannaday What can you say about the line brought up below?:


Hi Viscacha,
Basically my plugin replaces Blynk, Losant or Ubidots at a simple stripped down version. However, the biggest difference is that it runs on your own network and data is kept privately.
The plugin I made will be able to build a SCADA system with a graphical dashboard.(supervisory control and data acquisition) . l need to flesh out the configuration screen. My first release will use the Tinker basic interface with Photon to view and set data.
I’m very excited because I leverage the features of Wordpress to store and present data on any page or post.
What worth would you place on a basic WP plugin that can present IOT data graphically in 5 minutes?
Give some time. Stay in touch and I’ll inform when you can use it freely.


The more customizable the interface the more value this has in my opinion.

Wordpress has some killer templates to work with so if your plugin makes it easy to pull in Particle Cloud data then that’s very unique.


I am also impressed with the Aeroponics Dashboard on the WP site.
This looks exactly what I have been dreaming of…

For my home, (where I am using a growing number of Photons to control about everything), I’d like to put together a website for the family to use on our smartphone for monitoring and controlling all Photons…

It would consist of a landing page, listing all the rooms.
Then I would need one page per room, showing:

All “Particle.variables” of the room (Temperature, humidity, human movement, light value, gas detection value, CO2 value, …)
=> Of course, I need to see the variable values, but it would be nice to have also simple gauges or bargraphs in some cases.

All “Particle.functions” of the room (Turning lights ON/OFF, control colour, moods, temperature, door lock, RF device control, music selection …)
=> I’d like to use radio buttons, on/off switches, sliders, color pickers :wink: etc…

It looks like your plug-in could deliver most of that…
(I have made a few WP sites but now using mostly Drupal)

Can’t wait to try it out if I get a chance…



You have quite a project there. A Graphical interface will simplify interaction with family. Most what you will be available in the first cut. I’m making it possible as users create new intetfaces, they could be shared with other with an export and import feature.
I look foward in getting your feedback.
Thanks again for the encouragement.


When do you think that you will have a version of your dashboard for us to purchase and begin testing?


Hi Mako,
I have a version now but the backend needs more development to make it more flexible for better device widget controls. You will be able to tie in multiple Particle devices on one dashboard. Also these widgets are configurable to fit your display requirements like color, size, refresh rate, position…
My plans are 1.5 to 2 months for something solid. However, I want to have some beta users before that.
By using Wordpress, you will be able to link Particle data to over 29,000 plugins and themes. Just recently I wanted data posted at certain times of the day and not visible at other times. I found a plugin, loaded, added to content, and I was up and running in 15 minutes. Cool!
I think there will be no limitations when I finish this new interface to Particle.
Wordpress meets Particle is going to get very interesting. I’m excited how fast I came so far.
For your interest


Hi Applefarm,

Thanks for the reply, I really am excited about this and wish to support you as much as I can, I will gladly be a beta tester for you and also I have some other ideas that will really excite you, I also want to get into Aeroponics for a project I am working on, which we can discuss offline at some stage, but I can contribute and want to know how I can help you to get this to a completed project.


I’m also interested in seeing how this progresses. The more flexibility we have for customizing the widgets or how the data is displayed graphically the better.


@applefarm, thanks for your reply!

Question: Do you think it is possible to create a “floor map” with radio buttons on the spots where lights are for example?
The background would be an image of a floor, the garden etc…

That’s something which would be very useful for any (home) automation project…



A definite Yes.


Here’s an update.

I planned to release my plugin now. However, WP is going through a major change. It’s called Gutenberg. I was told Gutenberg will make my Particle plugin better. So I’m re-thinking my plugin.
Thank you for your patience.


This Gutenberg thing with WP is moving too slow. I’m moving forward with my original plan. However, I might hook in to Elementor Pro page builder for customizing the dashboard. I’m also involved with a new smart garden controller that will use my plugin.