Losant IOT Dashboard Platofrm Setup Toutorial

I’ve fallen in love with Losant the IOT Dashboard & Database platform based out of Cincinnati Ohio.

Losant allows you to connect and manage millions of devices. Collect, visualize, and monitor IoT data. Build powerful business logic with an intuitive real-time workflow engine.

I’ve looked at quite a few competing platforms but in my opinion, none of them are as well executed as Losant is.

They have just released a new Photon example project that uses their new Particle integration for easily receiving data sent via a simple Particle Publish events which the cleanest way I have seen it done vs all the other platforms methods.

Big thanks to @BrandonCannaday with Losant for constantly updating the platform and great quick technical support. I would for sure give their free service a spin and see for yourself how different their backend workflow is different than anything else and how their dashboards are customizable in ways that other solution do not allow.


Thanks for sharing!

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I didn’t quite “get” Losant when I first encountered it but it seems I should perhaps have put some more effort in, with the Particle integration it seems to be moving rapidly ahead of other platforms as a good choice.

In this example you create an integration for each event you want to process, but Losant lets you listen to multiple events with one integration. One would assume you could establish which event you were working with using a Function?

Have you tried using Losant with a product?

They are making rapid improvements to their platform, they have a great development team that’s implementing all requested features quickly.

I am using it as the backend to my web-connected products that operate on Wifi and 3G.

They are releasing an iFrame embeddable user account login and dashboard integration for your clients next week called Experiences which should help people get a password protected dashboard portal added to your website or WordPress site pretty quickly.

They are my preferred provider now. I’ve been testing it for some time and it’s very stable with great support.

I’ve spent the day playing, I feel perhaps too many of the examples are explicitly for a specific device rather than a fleet and I’ve yet to work out how to make a button send a custom value to a Particle function, but at least I can draw a graph ;).
From what I can see Losant offers most of the power any sane person would want from something like Azure with some visual representation of how it all clicks together. I haven’t found anything Ubidots does that Losant does not, although it is often more complex to achieve, unlike Ubidots however, those features are right there to play with, several nice features on Ubidots (commercial) are basically secrets they only enable if you ask them too.